Sunday, September 16, 2012

From the very early days of my interest in music I was always impressed with the skills that DJs have being able to mix records in a noisy, busy club environment, to seamlessly thread together pieces of music, to be able to work out the right place to bring a new track in and get a good reaction from a large crowd of people and to be able to read your audience in order to keep them dancing all night – it really captured my imagination.

So here is the list of top 3 Dj software of 2012

1. Zulu DJ Software

Zulu DJ software is professional DJ Software for Windows. This professional DJ program lets you mix music and other audio recordings live. When loading a music track onto a deck Zulu will automatically scan the file for a beat and assign a beat per minute (BPM), and will change the tempo in the second deck for perfect synchronization. Drag and drop music into and around the application's interface and preview an upcoming track through headphones via a secondary audio output. Features include: Crossfade in between two tracks, Automatic beat detection, Synchronization between the Decks, Supports a large number of audio file formats including wav (multiple codecs), MP3, VOX, GSM, real audio, AU, AIF, FLAC, and OGG. Change the pitch in real time of each track, slow it down or speed it up to manually sync it with the other tracks, Add a cue pointer marker at any point in a track to instantly start playing the track from that point, loop sections within a track and synchronize that loop to the BPM, real time equalization on each Deck (track) including "kill" buttons for instant EQ, apply effects in real-time to a track, effects include distortion, high pass filter, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, and Delay, and separate output for headphones.



PCDJ Red Mobile 2.0 for Windows or MAC is DJ software geared specifically for a Mobile DJ's needs. Red Mobile 2.0 boasts a powerful library that allows you to Import, mix, and search all of your MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, WAV files, MP3+G unprotected iTunes files easily. New in 2.0 is your ability to playback MP3+G karaoke files and display lyrics on an external monitor/TV. Complete with features such as fully automated auto-mix, a mix-now button for quick cross-fade and play, one click beat-sync, all within a very easy to use user interface; you have the mobile DJ's dream package! Less screen clutter and just the right feature set to make your job as easy as possible. Concentrate on your clients and not your DJ software!

3 . Pioneer SVJ-DL01
PCDJ DEX for Windows is our all-encompassing professional DJ software that's simple enough for the novice, but feature rich enough for any seasoned DJ. Look no further, DEX does it all - whether you're mixing audio, video, or even karaoke files DEX gives you full control over your media allowing you to do more in the mix than ever before. With our ultra-accurate automatic beat-mixing, your songs will always stay in sync, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your mix. Since DEX offers no latency playback; loops, hot cues, and all playback controls are as responsive as possible, whether you're using a keyboard and mouse or a DJ MIDI controller.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

India's web hosting industry is an exciting place these days! As international and India-based web hosting providers compete for your hosting dollars, it's becoming more difficult to select the right hosting plan.Check out the reviews of top 5 Indian web hosting(2012) providers below!

1. HostPapa 100% green web hosting stands apart in India's web hosting market for its earth-friendly stance, excellent customer service, and simple feature rich hosting (which includes a free domain!)
A long-time pioneer in environmentally friendly web hosting, HostPapa web hosting offers customers a sustainable choice, as all HostPapa operations are powered by 100% renewable energy. Of course, there's much more to HostPapa than that. HostPapa offers one simple shared hosting plan – but it's a powerful one!

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2. web hosting is proudly based in Pink city Jaipur, India – but reaches around the world with a range of personal and business hosting solutions. hosting launched in 2002, meaning new customers will reap the benefits of a decade of web-hosting experience. 's servers are safely housed in data centres in the US (Seattle, Washington, Dallas), Hyderabad, and Bangalore. All are built using the pod data center design concept, ensuring customers can count on consistent uptime and speed. ZNetLive web hosting has received a number of kudos, particularly for its Windows hosting packages; strategic alliances with Microsoft, among other companies, ensure that bring the brand-name power customers want.

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3. web hosting is a force to be reckoned with in India's web hosting market. This is a big company, servicing millions of customers with their domain and web hosting needs – from domain names registration to personal hosting, e-commerce solutions to reseller hosting. With high production value television ads and 24/7 support, has made a concerted effort to be seen and heard – and to give customers what they're asking for. The web hosting plans are quite robust, with many of the software names you're likely looking for: cPanel, Apache, MySQL, Python and Fantastico. With the exception of the Starter plan, all plans offer unlimited space, transfer, and email addresses. While the packages do not include domain registration or a website builder, these are available directly from , your one-stop web solutions shop!

4.eWebGuru web hosting brings the power of enterprise hosting to everyone, at an affordable price. In eight years of business ( web hosting was founded in 2003), the company has built a solid reputation for providing US and India-based clients with fast, reliable hosting. eWebGuru offers four shared hosting plans for both Windows and Linux users. Opting for anything but the most basic plan will give you access to unlimited web space and bandwidth; your choice of plan will depend on how many domains you plan to run. hosting is based in India, though its servers are all housed in Miami, Florida. This arrangement, which includes a superior network and hardware, seems to offer high-level security and reliable uptime for all customers.

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5. is one of the highest profile and largest web hosting companies in the world. They're a global player, and the company's reach in India is growing by the day. With high-end, sometimes racy television ads and celebrity endorsements, GoDaddy has made a name for itself for all kinds of reasons – not always to do with web hosting! Of course, GoDaddy didn't get to be the huge company it is without having a reliable service to sell. They're a major shared hosting provider to individuals and small and medium businesses. GoDaddy hosting offers a wide range of web-related products and services, which can be an advantage if you're looking for more than a simple web hosting plan.

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India web hosting is ideal for individuals or businesses living or operating in (or near) India. Many of the top India web hosting companies have a client base that stretches around the world, meaning you are not restricted in any way by seeking out hosting that's close to home. The advantages of working in your own currency, and with a company that truly understands your market

Top 5 Indian Web hosting Company (2012)