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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I am writing a series of tutorial how to design a web site template from the scratch (including how to make blogger and WordPress template)

How Design Web interference [part 1]- Initial Steps

The 3 basic points in the Initial of web designing

· Web Design Goals??

The principal entity which strike on my mind when I deliberate of
designing a website template, are the internet visitors, who will visit the website.
A website design has to be designed such that it outfits the visitor and is
bestowing to the subject of the website

· What Your Site Does?

What is the major call to action for this site? What do we

Want the user to do?

· Usability and Accessibility

With the Internet allowing our work to reach a global audience, we have to try and cater
for a massive range of people: blind users, elderly users, underage users, users with slow
Internet connections or older, unreliable machines, users with little knowledge of the way
web sites work, technology enthusiasts


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