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Showing posts with label Cubase . Show all posts

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello every one this is my first blog post,today i m gonna show you how to mix vocals in cubase 5.

1. Run Cubase 5
2.Import your beat/ instrumental
3.Record your verse
4.Click insert and choose DeNoiser and leave it default

5.Next insert Gate and choose Clean Lead Vox

6.Now we are going to use some EQ, choose GEQ-10 and set these settings :
  • -12,
  • -12,
  • -12,
  • 00,
  • 00,
  • 00,
  • 00,
  • 2.5,
  • 5.5,
  • 2.5,

  1. The next effect is Compressor and choose Lead Vocals In Your Face and just make one change in Ratio set 3.00
  2. The next one is DeEsser leave it default
  3. Next effect is Limiter > Input : 4 , Output : 0, Release : auto
  4. Now we are ready to add some Delay. Choose Delay and set these settings : Delay 625.0, FeedBack 10.0, Lo 50, Hi 15000, Mix 6.0. You can mess a lil bit with this effect to make it perfect for your song.
Thats All This is how I mix Vocals In cubase 5

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello all,This is my First Cubase 5 Tutorial.
My tutorial will be about how to set up the proper bit rate and wave resolution to use cubase to it's fullest.
Let's start by opening up cubase:

Second, let's open a new project like this:

Now, let's go to the project setup page.

Here is the main project setup page where you can choose the most important setting for all the project.

Open the sample rate box to choose your desired sample rate. The standard sample rate is 44.1 khz, but most of the new sound cards should at least give you 96 khz, and in the major studios and for DVD productions, you can also use the 192 khz rate.  The most recomended rate for a first project will be 44 khz.
Open the small "Record Format" window:
Here you can set the resolution of the recorded wave files.  the standard is 16 bit, but actually it would be advised to use 24 bit.  If you have a lot of HD space and a fast computer, you can always use 32 bit float.
This is it, all that is left is to start a great musical project and start working :)